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    • Typical APR: 6.9%
    • Min: £10,000
    • Max: £150,000
    • Term: 5 - 25 Years
    • Bad Credit: Yes

Update: This company is no longer in business.

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Part of the Barclay Group, Fair & Square Loans is based in Cardiff, South Wales. The company specializes in "Responsible Lending" by helping customers understand their financial situation and what homeowner loan would be best suited to their needs. On July 7, 2008 Fair & Square Loans announced that they would no longer be accepting new customers as of August 8, 2008, but that existing accounts would be unchanged.


As part of the Responsible Lending policy, customers apply for a loan and then discuss the situation with a loan agent to uncover any past problems with credit as well as plans for the funds when approved. The company lends directly to customers avoiding any middle man, thus simplifying the process as well as making it less expensive for those seeking loans. All fees are paid upfront and not hidden in the loan process or paperwork.


Fair & Square lends up to 100% of the value of a home less any existing mortgage in the form of homeowner loans. Loan amounts range from a minimum of £10,000 to a maximum of £150,000. Payment terms range from five to twenty-five years. Loans are only available to homeowners, and all loans are secured using the client's property. There is also a 30 day, "no quibble" cancellation policy for new homeowner loans.

Fair & Square Loans charges all fees upfront that can be paid out of pocket or rolled into the loan. The company also offers Payment Protection Insurance as well. Loans can be paid off early, but a fee equal to 30 days of interest will be charged. You can increase your loan in the future if you so choose.

Clients and Customers

Customers who own a home worth more than £40,000 in the UK will be considered for loans. The company offers homeowner loans to UK residents who have owned their own home for at least nine months. Applicants must be over twenty and under seventy years of age at the end of the loan term. Individuals with poor credit histories or other traditionally limiting factors such as self employment might still qualify for a personal loan.

Associations and Credentials

Fair & Square Limited is authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA.) (451182) It is also licensed by the Office of Fair Trading (586651).

Interest Rates

At writing, Fair & Square Loans advertised a typical interest rate of 6.9% APR variable. Interest rates vary based on customer qualifications. Your interest rate would reflect your personal financial situation and credit history. All interest rates are variable.

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