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    • Typical APR: 19.9%
    • Min: £5,000
    • Max: £100,000
    • Term: 3 - 25 Years
    • Bad Credit: Yes

Update: This company is no longer in business.

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One of the United Kingdom's largest lenders, is based in Watford, Hertfordshire. The company employs 400 employees and is nationally recognized for loan programs. In 2005, it was purchased by MBNA, one of the world's largest banks and credit card issuers. Currently is the largest loan broker in the UK and offers customers a variety of loans through their brokerage service.


From debt consolidation to auto and home loans, offers loan brokerage services specializing in finding fast, friendly and focused service.


Loans range from £5,000 - £100,000 and can be used for items in many categories including: debt consolidation, home improvements, new vehicles or a holiday. Interest rates are both fixed and variable depending on the loan option. also offers loans with no payments for five months, accelerated loans, and fixed rates for up to five years.

Loans can be arranged with up to five months of no payments initially although interest is charged from the opening of the loan, despite payments actually made. Loans can be protected through a repayment protection cover, and some loans offer a cash-back version of the plan which refunds protection payments if the loan is completed and the policy was not used at any time during the loan's life.

Clients and Customers arranges loans on behalf of the average consumer. While many of the loans are designed for homeowners, tenants and those still at home are able to apply as well. The company arranges loans for almost any purpose, mortgages and re-mortgages for thousands of people every year throughout the entire UK. Clients can borrow up to 100% of their home value, so little home equity is not a problem. Individuals with credit problems and financial difficulties are encouraged to apply as well.

Associations and Credentials is a licensed credit broker with a consumer credit license (435052) from the Office of Fair Trading. The company is also registered with the Data Protection Act to offer complete confidentiality to customers. is also a member of the Finance Industry Standards Association (FISA) and Association of Finance Brokers (AFB). The company is authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

Interest Rates

At the time of printing, offered loans with interest rates ranging from 9.9% ARP to 29.9% variable APR. Personal interest rates are determined by your individual financial and credit situation. Some loans offer fixed rates up to five years, but most are variable. To reduce the amount of interest paid, loans can be paid off early, but there will be a fee assessed for early repayment. Some loans offer plans to pay down the loan early and others offer a rebate if it is paid in full before due date.

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